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A selection of camping equipment

Motorcycle Tents

Tent - Slumit INCA 1


Flash Frame 1 Person Tent

This affordable high spec 1 person tent, is designed for the adventurer. It has an aluminium flash frame, that allows the tent to be pitched in seconds. With its 5000mm hydro-static head, I guarantee no water will get through. It is lightweight, compact, and straps easily to the bike. It is definitely a tent for the minimalist camper. It is also double skinned, and has a small porch area for your wet boots. I have used this tent so many times, and you can see it in action on my "motorcycle tours" page.

Tent - Slumit CUB 2

Tent (33)_edited.jpg

Flash Frame 2 Person Tent

This is Slumit's awesome "flash frame" 2 person tent (as recommended by "Scootering" magazine).
I was lucky enough to find this tent early on, and I was the original driving force behind it's success in the motorcycle community. I have been using this tent for years! It is a practical double skinned tent, with nice porch, many pockets, a roof shelf, and a lantern holder. But the best feature, is that it can be out of the bag and set up in 30 seconds. This tent is ideal for 1 biker who likes extra space, or 2 compact campers. Watch this tent in use, on my "motorcycle tours" page.

Tent - Pinnacle 3


3 Person Tent (fits in top box)

The Summit Pinnacle 3 is a traditional style dome tent, and is assembled with 3 poles. This is the tent I toured Scotland with, and would probably use this one again. It is simple to erect, double skinned with a 3000mm hydro static head, and most importantly fits in my top box!
This is very spacious tent for 2 people, and has an incredibly large porch area. It pitches in less than 5 minutes, and is much easier with a second set of hands. You can see this tent in action, from my motorcycle tour of Scotland, on the "motorcycle tours" page.

Motorcycle Camping Equipment

A hand-picked selection of our favorite motorcycle camping gear....

Ridgemonkey XL


The Ultimate Frying Pan!

Quite possibly the best cooking device on the market. This unique double sided frying pan, traps in heat to give perfect cooking results every time! It has a non-stick interior, so very little oil is required. I use it to cook: sausages, eggs, steak, pancakes, and even toasted sandwiches. I use the XL model for the extra capacity, but you can also buy the Ridgemonkey standard. A great asset to any camping set! Ditch the pots and pans, and give it a try.

Ridgemonkey Utensils Set


Compact Utensils Set!

This 4 piece utensils set fits perfectly inside the Ridgemonkey XL. All of the utensils are heatproof, and made of materials described as a "food grade construction". 
It comes with the storage tray, slotted spoon, regular spoon, spatula, and slotted spatula. Ideal for all of my cooking needs, and hopefully yours!

NGT Cutlery Set


Complete Camping Kitchen!

The ultimate camping set for 2 people. This set comes complete with a quality carry case, 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 storage pots, 2 sets of cutlery, and a dish cloth.
I have used this set for over 5 years, and it is the best priced quality set on the market. The carry case and contents can be rearranged to suit your needs. I personally tailor my bag to suit each trip.

NGT Compact Stove


Folding Stove (3000W Output)

This stove is a sturdy, lightweight, compact model, that kicks out some serious heat. It produces 3000W, which is will cook all foods quickly and effectively. It sits close to the ground for stability, and the folding legs make it easy for storage. There is not much more I can say about this model, but I have used it on most of my camping trips!

Gas Adapter


Converts Screw Fitting to Press Fit

This screw adapter allows you to convert your standard screw top gas fitting, to the cheaper butane press fitting. This is not only a money saving gadget, but increases the range of gas cartridges you can use with your stove. Click the picture to see a short video of this gadget in action!

NGT 3 Piece Cooking Set


Ultra Lightweight Cooking Set

This 3 piece lightweight aluminium cooking set, slots together to be an ultra compact kit. It contains a kettle, a frying pan, and a saucepan with lid. Both the frying pan, and saucepan have rounded folding handles, that shape seamlessly to the exterior.
All of these pieces conduct heat very quickly, and cook food incredibly fast. The only issue I have found with this set, is there no non-stick coating, so oil is essential.

High Beam Head Torch


Rechargeable, Adjustable Head Light

This head torch is quite simply amazing! It comes with a USB charger, so it can be charged anywhere, and it is surprisingly powerful.

It has an advanced T6 LED, and a lens that can focus the beam to over 100 meters. It is rated at 30000LM, so can be quite blinding. It comes with 3 setting: high beam, low beam, and flashing!

Tactical T6 Torch


Adjustable, High Powered Torch

This powerful T6 model, is super bright torch with adjustable focus. It comes with a sharp defensive front, for if you are being attacked, and is made of strong quality material. I have owned mine for just over 2 years, and it is now an essential part of my kit.

Kampa Lantern with Hook


Low Power, Long Lasting Lantern

This awesome little lantern is my favorite so far! It's not overpowering, and produces a refractive medium white light. The little sky hook folds in to the hole at the base, and it is just a very simple lantern. It has no special modes, just on and off.
It is rain resistant, and reflects light evenly all around the tent. Battery life is very good, and I have been using this same lantern for 5 years!

WeaArco Camping Set


Budget camping kitchen

This complete set includes Pots, Pans and a kettle. Ideal for the lone camper, or add some extra cutlery and you can cook food for the entire camp. This kit was designed for the minimalist, so everything can be packed down into the saucepan.

Alu-Folding Table


Compact, lightweight table

If you are camping alone or with a group, a table establishes the social area of your camp. It can be used for map reading, cooking, eating or camp games. Most importantly it can be a life saver for those of us with a bad back. This ultra light table is compact and strong, and perfect for your next camp ground.

Wind Shield


10 sheet wind shield

You can only really appreciate this incredibly useful tool, once you've tried cooking in the open. Anyone who has ever tried cooking without a wind shield understands just how difficult the wind can be. Not to mention the longer cooking times! This folding wind shield has a practical weight, and is large enough for you to get your pots and pans inside.  ideal for all types of stove.

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