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A selection of luggage & accessories

Motorcycle Luggage

Oxford Tank Bag X40


Oxford's Expandable Tank Bag!

Oxford have a great range of motorcycle luggage, and there are 2 tank bags that really stand out. The "Oxford First Time Luggage" expandable tank bag, and the "Oxford X40" lifetime guaranteed tank bag. Both bags have a waterproof liner, map reading window, side compartments, and convert in to an instant backpack. It is quickly attached to any motorcycle using the "stitched in" magnets. Oxford's lifetime guarantee ensures only the best quality with this bag!

Moto Soft Panniers (44L - 60L)


A value set of Soft Panniers!

These "Moto" panniers may not sit at the high end of the market, but I have used my set for many years, in all conditions. They are expandable by unzipping the outer section, allowing you to increase the capacity from 44 L to 60 litres. The price is so reasonable, that you don't have to worry about scraping them on the ground or damaging them. I have really pushed these bags to their limits, and to the point where one split. They really can take a lot of stick. They also come with 2 waterproof covers for added rain protection.

Value Top Box (52L capacity)


An affordable spacious Top Box!

Marketing is very clever nowadays, but the reality behind plastic top boxes, is they are mostly made from the same material (regardless of the brand). Whether you are buying the latest branded top box, or this cheap alternative, they all do the same job. Save yourself some money, and buy this sturdy practical box.
52 litres might be a bit too big for your everyday needs, but for motorcycle camping, or quickly locking 2 helmets away, this is a fair priced practical top box. It comes complete with all the fittings, and even it's own plate.

When you get lost

Small Fuel Bottle


1 Litre Motorcycle Petrol Bottle

This fuel bottle is a must have! It is fully safety approved, with a locking pressure release valve, and tap. It holds 1 litre of petrol safely, or any other liquid you may want to store in it. This is ideal for motorcycle camping because it can double up as an emergency fuel bottle, or a fuel supply for petrol powered stoves. The tap also makes it very easy to dispense accurate measurements of fuel.

Garmin Zumo 396LM


Best Motorcycle Sat Nav

I cannot justify spending so much money on a sat nav when there are so many cheap alternatives. Mobile apps can do the same job nowadays, but here we are. The Garmin Zumo 396 is the best spec motorcycle sat nav on the market. It has so many features including, Fuel station finder, live traffic & weather alerts, waterproof, fuel resistant, glove friendly, wifi, bluetooth, and an impressive route finder, for the best roads. Simply put, this is the ultimate sat nav for bikers.

Waterproof SatNav (Budget)


Sport Sat Nav (Waterproof)

This sat-nav is by far one of the cheapest, and most reliable, waterproof GPS navigation systems on the market. I have been using mine for several years, and it has not let me down. It comes with several cables, a 12V plug, and motorcycle mount. The battery lasts a good 2 hours, or you can just keep it plugged in to the bike. Day and night mode, bluetooth, and 3D mapping with lane guidance.

Repairs on the road

Motorcycle Tool Kit


A Basic Tool Kit

I always recommend bikers to build their own personalized tool kit, tailored to their own bike. But for those of you just starting out and looking for a reasonably priced practical tool kit, then this is it. Supplied in a small case, it comes with all the basic tools and supplies you need, to carry out basic emergency maintenance on your bike.

Universal Socket


A Socket that Molds to Any Shape

This spring loaded socket is an absolute time saver when it comes to undoing multiple sized hex-nuts. Although it is designed for low torque applications, it is still a very handy socket to have. It also works well on slightly rounded off bolts. The multiple pins grip the edges of any square, hex or star bolt heads.
Please note this one is slightly more expensive, it is a better quality!

Tyre Plug Kit


Complete Tyre Plug Kit

A tyre plug kit is essential for any motorcycle trip. It is a small set of tools, that enable you to insert a plug in to your tyre. So now you have the ability to fix a puncture at the side of the road. It is a very quick and simple kit to use, and you simply re-inflate your tyre with the CO2 cartridges provided.

Emergency supplies

First Aid Pack


St Johns First Aid Supplies

First aid kits are a sensible thing to carry, wherever you are. I recently spent a day training with Brad (an ambulance technician), and I have just renewed my first response licence. A first aid kit will not be of much use in a motorcycle accident, but it is useful for those small scrapes & cuts. The most likely things you will possibly need are: plasters, bandages, sterilizing wipes, eye wash, and a sling. This kit has it all, and is the one I would recommend.

Eye Wash


Pack of Mini Eye Wash Bottles

A lot of "travel sized" first aid kits, do not contain eye wash. It is entirely possible that you have a great first aid kit already, and just need to add some eye wash.
Eye wash is sterilized saline solution that can be squirted directly in to the eye. It is great for flushing out grit, or a bug that has flown in to your eye. Since it is sterile, it can also be used to wash wounds. This link will take you to the small eye wash (disposable) tubes.

Dog Tags (identification)


Emergency Contact Information

Dog tags are a quick & easy way to identify a biker, that has been involved in an accident. If the biker is unconscious, medical professionals always check for wrist bands, dog tags and eventually pockets & wallets.
So wristbands and dog tags are the fastest way for the ambulance to find out who you are. Simply engrave the dog tags with your personal information, and an emergency contact number. This way they can contact your family immediately.

All of the other stuff...

Kryptonite Disc Lock


Strong disc lock from Kryptonite

This disc lock is lightweight and compact whilst still providing incredible strength. This lock will prevent roll, or ride away thefts. The 5.5mm pin provides strength, and fits the smaller holes at the same time.

OverBoard Dry Bag


Perfect motorcycle backpack

One of the best motorcycle dry bags on the market. This backpack was designed for rivers and kayaks, so you know this product will give you 1000% weather protection on your motorbike. The backpack also includes a separate internal pocket to ensure your phone and wallet remain safely away from your gear.

Oxford Cruise Grip


Cruise control for the bike

This little piece of plastic clips on your hand grip, allowing your palm to control the throttle. This is a "must have" for any long distance moto adventure. It will relieve the stress on your wrist and reduce riding fatigue.

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